21. Long Board Enthusiast. Tattoo Collector. Beer Drinker. Naruto Lover. Pacific Northwest. Aspiring Photographer.

Jesus fucking christ. I have never felt so fucking weak and helpless. I never depend on anyone but when you have another life depending on you, the hardest thing to do is stay strong and maintain. Yet you do. To try and do everything by yourself and act like it doesn’t bring you down, make you want to run and escape all that is coming. Like you’re still the strong and independent woman that you once were, that you can still take on anything that comes your way. But this tiny little creature inside you makes you feel so fragile, so small, like a tiny speck of dust sitting on mantle. But you prevail. I will prevail. Yet you know that once this little life form comes into play..there will never be anything or anyone that you love more in this entire universe, for the rest of your life. Patience was never my strong point.